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Three email lists and a wiki discussing teaching English as a foreign language in China. Founded in 1996 by Roger Chrisman, David Catterick and others. List Rules

3 Email Lists

  • TEFLChina discusses teaching issues -- classroom problems and techniques, materials, lesson plans -- pedagogy for teaching English in China: teflchina@yahoogroups.com
  • TEFLChinaJob discusses jobs, job ads, contracts, visas, qualifications and professional development of English teachers in China: teflchinajob@yahoogroups.com
  • TEFLChinaLife discusses our lives as English teachers in China -- language, food, travel, stories, learning Chinese, your life related to China, politics (lightly!), computers, your stuff -- be polite and professional: teflchinalife@yahoogroups.com

Subscribe Unsubscribe etc.

all 3 lists' command addresses can go in one email's To line, separated by commas

Subscribe--to join the email lists, send a blank email to:


Unsubscribe--to stop mail and unsubscribe from the email lists, send a blank email to:

  • The Subscribe and Unsubscribe commands take effect only after you reply to a confirmation email from Yahoogoups.
  • Send commands From the same email address that you subscribed with.
  • If you have tried the above and still need help, email me: karen.stanley@cpcc.edu

List Rules

1. Be friendly and courteous towards all others. If anyone's post feels unfriendly email me privately at karen.stanley (at) cpcc.edu (I care and need your feedback). Do not use needlessly argumentative, immoderate nor cutting words, however subtly. Email stings too easily.

2. Sign posts with your Full Name (First and Last name). Be your professional self. You may sign simply your first name if your email's 'From' header clearly displays your Firstname Lastname.

3. Do not quote whole screens of text in your reply. Quote only if it is essential to the understanding of your message, in which case quote only those phrases that are absolutely necessary.

4. Use informative subject lines. If the topic diverges, start a new thread with new subject line.

5. Copyright counts. DO NOT post copyrighted material without permission. You may summarize and/or include brief quotes of others' copyrighted materials, news articles, etc. if you give full references. (Do not give website addresses without some indication of their content.)

6. Privacy. Before forwarding others' emails or posts to the list, obtain their permission and put, "Forwarded with permission of original author(s)," at top.

7. Use only plain text because HTML and attachments are automatically removed by these Yahoo Groups. Please upload relevant non-plain text files to TEFLChina.org and put a link to the file in your post to the email list. Put a note on the file at TEFLChina to indicate which email list it is related to, otherwise someone might delete it. By uploading a file to TEFLChina.org you license it for sharing under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

8. No cross-posting.

9. No advertisements. But Job ads are welcome that include full details -- see TEFLChinaJob guidelines for job ads at http://teflchina.org/TEFLChinaJob_Ad

If you feel a post in violation of the rules has perhaps gone unnoticed by the moderator, or have a general concern about the list, please contact the list moderator: karen.stanley (at) cpcc.edu


  • Posts may be edited by list moderators for readability or to meet list rules.
  • Posts may be rejected at the moderator's discretion.
  • Copyright and responsibility for each post belong to the poster.


The wiki license does not apply to email list posts. See List Rule #5 Copyrights count, above, and the Yahoo! Groups Guidelines.

Job Ad


Messages are archived in four separate locations. The Yahoogroup location however goes back the farthest, to 2000.

messages from 2000 forward
TEFLChina - - - - - http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/teflchina
TEFLChinaJob - - - http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/teflchinajob
TEFLChinaLife - - - http://groups.yahoo.com/messages/teflchinalife
messages from 2006 forward
TEFLChina - - - - - http://news.gmane.org/gmane.education.english.teflchina.general
TEFLChinaJob - - - http://news.gmane.org/gmane.education.english.teflchina.jobs
TEFLChinaLife - - - http://news.gmane.org/gmane.education.english.teflchina.life

messages from 2006 forward
TEFLChina - - - - - http://teflchina-life-teach-job.2197967.n4.nabble.com/TEFLChina-teach-f2204623.html
TEFLChinaJob - - - - http://teflchina-life-teach-job.2197967.n4.nabble.com/TEFLChina-job-f2211081.html
TEFLChinaLife - - - http://teflchina-life-teach-job.2197967.n4.nabble.com/TEFLChina-life-f2197968.html
3 lists together - - http://teflchina-life-teach-job.2197967.n4.nabble.com/


TEFLChina.org is our wiki << Come write it


If after reading this Welcome message you still have any questions about your subscription, email me at karen.stanley at cpcc dot edu, explain what you are trying to do and include a copy of relevant error email you received from Yahoogroups (including the full headers). The headers help Karen help you.

Sort Mail

Automatically sort your list mail into separate mailboxes to keep your In-Box clean.

Email Clients

The following are the menu paths for setting up automatic filters in three popular email clients:

  • Netscape Mail: Edit > Message Filters...
  • Microsoft Outlook: Tools > Mail Rules...


How to sort mail in some Webmail services

  • Gmail - how to use filters and labels to sort list mail in Gmail's Webmail interface (if you use the free POP interface to download your Gmail to an email client, use the email client to sort the mail instead)

Whichever email program you are using on your computer, just set its mail filters/rules to find TEFLChina@, TEFLChinaJob@, TEFLChinaLife@ or whatever listname@ in the "To:" line and automatically transfer the message to separate TEFLChina, TEFLChinaLife, and TEFLChinaJob folders. Easy peasy lemon squeezy -- keeps your In-Box clean.

No Mail?

If you unexpectedly stop receiving messages from a TEFLChina list for several days in a row, delivery of posts to your address may have been temporarily turned off by Yahoogroups due to messages bouncing off your address. You can turn your subscription back on -- unbounce yourself -- at Yahoogroups.com, or let me know at karen.stanley at cpcc dot edu and I will unbounce you.


Send me feedback about the TEFLChina email lists, their management, etc., privately. I care about you and the lists:

Karen Stanley, TEFLChina Email Lists Owner
karen.stanley at cpcc dot edu